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Tsukasa Staff by Tsukasa-FanTc
Tsukasa Staff
My boyfriend helped me to build it, and I picked out the pieces to be used. I also chose the colors and painted it! Looking pretty! 
Now all it needs is the ball in the center. Just waiting on my mom for fishing line! 
Tsukasa Hat by Tsukasa-FanTc
Tsukasa Hat
A labor of love and yet a pain in my ass! 
I was lucky enough to find a "fashion hat" pattern that looked Identical to Tsukasa's hat shape. I fought with the gold trim around the "gems" but at this point, I'm happy with it. You gotta be close to me to see the hot glue mess =x=
It fits! It works! That's all that matters! 
Part of my Tsukasa cosplay for Aniwave this Sunday. 
Faina Figurine by Tsukasa-FanTc
Faina Figurine
I adopted this girly from :iconsupercoldsoda: and though I won't be able to upload drawings yet due to laptop trouble, my phone is allowing me to submit a photo of a figure I painted. 
This is a pre-made Irish Setter (I think? Looks One.) figurine from a bag of plastic dog toys my mom got me last Christmas to paint. Made in China, painted with a mixture of Acrylic paints, both Craft mate and Basics brand. She just needs a clear coat and she is finished. Debating upon if I should paint on her bands before I clear coat her. 

Design by :iconsupercoldsoda: 
I was not born into this world. I just came into consciousness. I had no memories prior to bursting into existence,  but at the time, I didn't really question it. It was as if someone  jump-started me awake and shone a bright light in my eyes like thrusting open the curtains into a dark room. Though no one taught me to speak or walk, I seemed to have the ability to do all these things- I had a consciousness about the things around me. I had opinions about things I never came into contact with, and yet I still didn't question it.
I was in a room, rather, sitting in it. All four walls were bright white, even the floor and ceiling creating the illusion of a white void as there were no windows and no doors. Oddly enough, there were no light fixtures, and yet the room was bright, and shadowless. I don't know how long I have been sitting there, starring at the blindingly white wall, but in those moments I had no thought processes that I could recall. It were as if I was... Not yet activated. My brain seemed to have awakened from its quiet and thoughtless lull, when a door to my room opened. 'How do you open a door, that isn't there?' was my first thought, and when I realized that I truly existed.
A tall, slender girl, wearing white scrubs with her mismatched blonde hair with dirty blonde bangs- pulled up in a half pony, entered the room. She checked a clipboard before checking me over. As she got closer to me I could see a patch of freckles across the bridge of her nose, and her baby blue eyes. Her overall Aura was calming, and I noticed a red cross on her armband - a medical professional, I gathered.
"are you conscious?" she asked, running her fingers through my short hair- which I just realized I had.
"yes ma'am" I had a deep voice. I gathered that I must be male. Before I could say another word, the girl helped me up, Glancing at the clipboard again.
"spectacular. You must be ready then, follow me. "she guided me out of the room, and into a place I assumed was a castle. It was decorated like one; the thick stone walls, flags hung from the ceiling, a grand staircase led down to a wide open foyer. We were at the top of the stairs, and as I looked below to the Foyer, I noticed a whole array of creatures big and small, bustling about. A small fox-like creature shouts across the room to a humanesque kid with wolf ears and tail saying "don't even think about it!" confused as I was, before I could even speak, the girl looked to me.
"You don't have a name yet, but allow me to introduce you to yourself. You are 5'5", weighing 154lbs, you like to hunt and you're ambitious. You take the form of a Humanoid, and I assume that you're part Lynx of sorts"
"Lynx?" i reach up suddenly to feel my long cat-like ears, and notice I don’t have any human ears, though the rest of me seemed human, til I noticed my nub of a tail behind me.
"yes, well, our creator needs you for a story."
"A story?" my existence was becoming a little bit more clear, however unlikely it was. "You mean to tell me, I'm a character?"
"correct. "
" are you in the Story too? "
" oh, no. I'm part of a different story, that, and I also have the honor of having  a permanent place in the realm as a role playing character - My sister is a doctor with her own private practice. I work with her "
" Role Playing? " i had so many questions, and you'd think that I would know the answers, seeing as though I have a consciousness about things I've never seen, but there were some things that I had no idea about. What was Role Playing? Is  'the realm' fancy for 'imagination land' ?
"if you wish to name yourself, think fast and let the creator know! " She flips a paper on the clipboard and leads me down the stairs, all the while my mind was a buzz about my questions. I was a sentient being, and yet I was but a figment of someone else's imagination, as everyone else I could see, or at least I assumed.
"are we all characters here? " the girl paused, and looked at me briefly.
" all but one, I think. And he is a mental representation of a dear one that our creator had lost. " she trailed off, continuing to lead me further. She seemed to have realized something and spun around at the foot of the stairs, "forgive me, I don't think I introduced myself, I am Annalice. Though everyone just calls me Anna," she grins, flustered. "now, about you," Anna fumbles with the papers, searching and mumbling 'it's in here somewhere' under her breath.  "Ah ha! Here we go!" she is quiet a moment before her grin slipped slightly, "oh."
"oh? Oh what? "
" well, I was reading over why she created you-"
"She? "
" - our creator. And well... She created you to serve a small purpose and... "
" and? "
" and die. "
Mere Existence
Okay so...  I came up with this  idea and I need help with how it sounds so far. 
 And if I should draw it out any
Honda by Tsukasa-FanTc
Meet Honda, my new Racer in Azurel
Phantom has some stiff competition coming to his track, threatening his champion status

I adopted Honda from :iconblueunicornj13:
He just arrived, and already he is full of vigor! Watching him run laps around Azurel track was awe-inspiring, and already he is getting whisperings from the residents about possibly being faster than Phantom "The Wind"

As I drew up his portrait I was searching for names for him, but he insisted his name was Honda. Not what I would have picked, but you can't argue with a Character who already knows who he is and what he is all about. We are currently setting his Racer name, as Phantom's is "The Wind"


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United States
plz accounts I made:
:iconslylaplz: :iconosllamaplz: :iconosglareplz: :icontsukasafacepalmplz: :iconakumalaplz:
So, Umm...  I suddenly got inspired to draw a comic, an unofficial comic for The Prairie series. 

So, this is how it goes,  in the RP world, Maze and :iconstarpaw1:'s wolf character, Cricket are mates via anthro form. So I was thinking about how their relationship would go in Maze's cannon universe so...  Yeah I guess I might do that 

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